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"Handbook of positive Thinking"

"Handbook of positive Thinking"

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I don't quite understand the huge popularity of this book. Unless we look at her through the prism of "American dream" and style of thinking in the category "don't worry, be happy". Then everything will become clear. We will not be surprised that the plot is very predictable, naive narrative (this is a deliberate procedure), and many fragments focus on something that is generally of little importance: playing American football.

What is this book about?

Pat is a thirty-four-year-old man, an unquestionable optimist, distinguished by a naive perception of reality. After a few years in a psychiatric institution, he returns to his family home: an almost as unusual place as his own head.

It aims to improve both your body and work on yourself to "become nicer." With stubborn maniac, in a sense also with unhealthy ambition, he devotes himself to exercises that are supposed to help him achieve his most important goal: his wife's return.
Pat's family, however, does not believe in the possibility of Pat's departure from Nikki. They do everything to make a man forget about her and stop believing in something that is impossible. The main character has their words for nothing and everything he does, he thinks about his wife.
Unexpectedly, a second woman appears in Pat's life ...

When is the end?

I honestly admit that the book disappointed me greatly. The plot, which became the inspiration for the film, nominated for eight Oscars, allowed to focus on something more ... So widely recommended, commented and promoted announced interesting reading. Unfortunately ...

For me, the time spent reading the 'Guide to Positive Thinking' was like tasteless gum that stretched endlessly. Until the last sentences I had the illusory hope that at the end the position would defend itself, that summa summarum I would say, "it was worth it". Unfortunately, this is not possible, mainly due to the predictability of the plot and very annoying descriptions of the next games of "Eagles", names of players, settings on the pitch appearing at every step ...

What became more interesting described the long game description. The more interesting fragments were interrupted by scenes of supporting, cheers of fascinated men who at all times (also on the therapist's couch) their well-being conditioned the victory of their beloved team. The game of Eagles in the book is so prominent that it is distasteful ...
What message does it carry?

Even after reading the entire book, it is difficult to justify such a detailed extension of this thread.

Do you read

This is not a book that I would recommend to you with a clear conscience. I am not able to take responsibility for your disappointment.

Undoubtedly, however, it is a position that has its own unique atmosphere and that fulfills its promises: after reading, we change our approach to reality to some extent. Unfortunately, in a limited respect and in my opinion for a while, but still.

Pat's attitude breathes optimism. The actions of a young man set an example of how to reach for dreams and how not to give up, after all. Even if what turns out to be good for us is not what we have been asking for.


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