How to cure blisters in children

How to cure blisters in children

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Blisters are accumulations of liquid that remain immobile between the dermis and the epidermis, and depending on how this liquid is, we must act in one way or another.

We explain how you should act before a blister. Write down all of these first aid tips.

First, you must clean the blister with saline or physiological serum without rubbing or applying friction and then apply an antiseptic to the entire area:

1. If the liquid in the vial is clean:

- Open the blister when the antiseptic has dried to drain all the liquid inside, leaving a large opening to prevent it from closing again, but without removing the skin layer from the blister because it will serve as a protective layer of the wound.

- Apply the recommended pharmacological treatment for the burn.

- Cover with a sterile gauze or dressing.

- Check the condition of the wound every 12 hours.

2. If the fluid in the blister is cloudy or purulent:

- Open the blister and cut all the skin covering the wound.

- Clean the entire area well with physiological saline or isotonic saline solution.

- Apply the recommended pharmacological treatment, which is usually a treatment gel.

- Cover with a dressing or sterile gauze.

- Check the injury every 12 hours.

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