Tips to Help Children Improve Handwriting

Tips to Help Children Improve Handwriting

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Just as we teach young children to pick up the spoon so that they learn to eat, in the same way we will teach them to pick up the pen so that they learn to write. Today many people use the computer to write, so it is very important make the effort to write by hand, as practice will significantly improve our writing.

We give you some tips to help your child write well, with good handwriting.

Sometimes if we write quickly and without taking care of the calligraphy, after a while, we don't even understand our own handwritingThat is why it is so important to have a letter that is legible.

The following sentences are written by the same person. The first slowly and taking care of the letter and the second is written in a hurry and without thinking. The difference is remarkable, it is obvious, right?

To write well and with good handwriting, children and adults need time and concentration.

- Time: Time to adopt a good posture, sit with your back straight and leaning against the back of the chair, take the pencil, pen or marker correctly and comfortably by resting the writing tool on the thumb and holding it between the index and middle fingers without pressing too hard and, of course, time to write without pressure and without haste in a relaxed atmosphere.

- Concentration: Concentration to know what they are going to write, how they are going to write it and thus get a good handwriting.

- Reading a lot: If children read regularly, they will notice how words are written, they will acquire new vocabulary and in the long run it will help them to write well.

In addition, to have good handwriting, we must take into account the size of the letter, the inclination and the space between them.

1. Write on lined sheets It will help children to write without twisting and to make the letters of a suitable size, not too big, not too small. With practice the child will be able to get a better handwriting, he will learn to respect the margins and, little by little, he will become cleaner and more orderly.

2. Today there are many notebooks, cards and activities to improve the letter. Through the game you can also learn in a fun way to write better. I recommend the game to improve the letter and spelling 'Los Peceletras'.

3. There are some children who prefer to write with a pen or marker instead of the pen, as they do not have to press as much when writing and it is more comfortable for them It is good to do activities and games with the fingers of the hands so that they gain skill, such as playing with plasticine, cutting out images from magazines and newspapers, etc.

4. We must remember and respect that each child requires his time and you need your rhythm to learn.

5. Lastly, never forget encourage children for their achievements.

To finish I leave you a phrase from the American actress Helen hayes: 'The expert at something was once a rookie'.

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