7 safety tips for augmented reality games with kids

7 safety tips for augmented reality games with kids

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Augmented reality games They are presented to children and adults as a whole new world of adventures. Through the computer and the smartphone, real and virtual life are intermingled in an attractive way.

Many children want to learn to play this type of game, but first, they must be very clear a series of basic rules to keep you safe and avoid accidents. Often times, the excitement of this type of game leads children (and the elderly) to get confused and to believe that everything around them is virtual.

Here you have a series of basic recommendations to play these types of games (like Pokemon Go) without problems:

1. Download the game from official digital stores and check that it is the manufacturer's version. Otherwise, you could introduce very dangerous viruses to your computer.

2. Even if it is a free application (such as the Pokemon Go game), remember that can include micro payments to use game add-ons. Control additional payments to avoid scares on the bill, and even more careful if your data rate is not flat.

3. Although the game is virtual, you are playing in the real world, so pay attention not only to what happens on the screen, but to what happens around you: if there are pedestrian crossings, traffic lights, vehicles, street furniture. If you do not attend to all this, you could have an accident or cause it.

4. It is forbidden to use these games while driving or cycling.

5. If you find a greedy game character and want to catch him, don't be guided by impulse and emotion. Your safety first. Do not invade the road, respect the traffic signs, pay attention to the terrain you walk on, do not access private properties and respect the rules of public buildings.

6. To play it is essential to keep the mobile GPS activated. Watch out: this can be used by criminals to know when you are absent from your home or where you are exactly.

7. Explain all these rules to your children and avoid possible addictions to gambling.

Source: National Police of Spain

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