Benefits of modern dance in children

Benefits of modern dance in children

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Many times, when we think about our children practicing dance ballet, dance and all kinds of classical disciplines that have always taken place in children's activities come to mind. However, today there are new ways of understanding the Modern dance that are most beneficial for our children.

It is clear that it is very important that children enjoy physical and leisure activities with which they interact with other children while they are constantly on the move.

Dancing is something that is also the most advantageous for our children, since it provides a series of physical and psychological benefits that they would not achieve with another discipline: it helps keep fit, contributes to improving psychomotor skills, develops hearing with music and raises the level of self-demand and also ensures that the child takes control of his own body.

All this can be achieved with classical dance, but the current modalities, such as zumba, the funky that inspires break dance, and latin music dances They help the child, in addition to improving his body and mind, to have much more fun.

1. Fun: One of the guidelines that differentiate classical dance from modern dance is that although children also enjoy the former, with current types such as zumba, they also laugh and have much more fun.

2. Psychomotricity: Moving to the rhythm of the music could be something easy a priori, but it is more complicated than it seems. If children manage to 'blend' their body with music and control movements, this will increase their levels of motor skills.

3. Physical exercise: With all the dances the quality of the body and the physical form are improved, but the modern dances, by moving much faster, will help them to keep their health intact and also develop a taste for the sport.

4. Teamwork: Although this also happens with classical dances, in modern disciplines team or couple work is more present than ever. The children learn to work in community to the rhythm of the most current music.

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