10 facts about a newborn baby that are quickly forgotten

10 facts about a newborn baby that are quickly forgotten

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As time goes by, we forget what it is like when a child sleeps 20 hours a day, what everyday life looks like when the toddler is only lying down and unable to get up on his own. Once the child starts running, through the fog we try to visualize the moments when he "politely" sat in a place, and when he begins to speak, we can barely remember the moments when he was chatting there ...

Read what facts about newborns parents forget very quickly.

Newborns are still sleeping

The fact is that children never sleep as much as in the first month of life. With each subsequent week of life, their need for sleep decreases. So why the conviction that with a small child we do not have time for anything? Well, the simple fact is that many parents, when the children are sleeping, try to catch up a lot, run from duty to the next task. You should also remember about children who sleep well only when the parent is close, which is not easy for all moms and dads. How much does a newborn sleep? Some give some numbers. However, we will not do that. There are no standards in this topic. Every child is different.

Loud dream

Newborns often sleep loudly. They can scream in their sleep and even cry and not wake up. It also happens sap in a newborn baby. All these symptoms mean that the parent who should theoretically sleep when the child is resting has a big problem with it, wakes up, wakes up, checks that everything is fine. A separate problem, which is also worth mentioning here, is wriggle... It is comforting that with time the children sleep more quietly.

They are so tiny

Parents, even those who hug another child in their arms, are usually very surprised by how tiny their child is. With real surprise, they embrace the small body and watch the delicate features of the newly born new member of the family.

How quickly they steal your heart

Of course, not every mother immediately "loves" her child. Not everyone accepts the new situation just as easily. The fact is, however, that virtually everyone is surprised how quickly a small child finds a place in her heart and how quickly it changes her life.

Pile of clothes

When a newborn baby appears at home, suddenly it turns out that such a small person needs a lot of clothes. At the same time, it is noticed that the baby is dressed up very often, because of a poured milk, and this is because the diaper did not last, at other times because it is just bathed and nice to put on new rompers ...

The consequences are easy to predict: endless washing, hanging clothes, ironing, stacking and changing clothes ...

So many diapers

The surprise may be how many diapers a newborn uses. For debuting parents, this becomes 100% clear after the first days with the baby. Suddenly they understand why the smallest size of diaper packs hides the most pampers.

In addition, it may also be surprising that breastfed babies in the first month of life (and sometimes also later) poop after each feeding.


It's difficult to imagine the emotions associated with breastfeeding. You can talk about the whole spectrum of feelings: pain, discomfort (at the beginning of the road), but also a feeling of devotion, happiness and fulfillment. Interestingly, often this whole list of emotions pales and when a new baby is born, she revives with double strength, in such a way that again breastfeeding is perceived as a completely new and equally amazing challenge.

The bubble on the lips

Many newborns have a mouth bubble. Not because they are not sucking properly, but intensively. Usually the change disappears after a few weeks. Only some children renew themselves from time to time for many months.

No wonder, the little man who is a newborn baby can suck so hard that mom often feels a pronounced tingling and even a slight pain in her chest.

Shaking beard

Some babies have a chin shake after giving birth: theoretically for no reason, while sleeping, while feeding. This tremor can affect the whole body in shape Moro reflex. However, there is no reason for concern: the reason is very simple, not yet fully mature nervous system of the baby.


Many parents forget quickly the sound of a baby crying, or rather a scream that accompanies the first weeks of life. Calling noises Interestingly, they are different for each child, which is why most parents are able to accurately assess whether their crying is the whimping of their child. The crying of the first weeks, characteristic of a newborn, is without tears. Still a lot says: with sound and body language, especially after a few days of careful observation of the behavior of a small person.

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