Crafts to do with children on vacation

Crafts to do with children on vacation

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Holidays are an ideal time for children to do activities that cannot be done during school days, be it for homework or extracurricular activities.

One of those activities is crafts. In We propose some very original ideas for children to continue working on coordination, motor skills or attention as they play.

Here you have a series of crafts to do with the children during the holidays. For many of them it is enough to use recycled material, do you dare?

Cardboard train. On our site we have made a beautiful toy train using different types of recycling materials: egg boxes, toilet paper roll, plastic caps and cardboard boxes.

Recycling bowls. We teach you to make a fun bowling game recycling plastic containers of liquid yogurt, with the children. Recycle with the children by making a fun recycling craft. Play bowling at home with this children's craft.

Tin drum. On our site we teach you how to make a musical drum using just one can. With this children's craft your children will be able to build their own musical instrument with recycling material such as a can of preserves. Crafts with recycled material for children.

Easy origami. our site offers a series of videos with which parents, together with their children, can learn step by step to make a variety of figures with paper. Origami or origami is a craft that stimulates fine motor skills, concentration and relaxation in children.

Cardboard football table. On our site we suggest you make a home football table using recycled material. A very easy and fun craft with which children will make their own toy. With just a cardboard box and some scraps of paper you can do it.

Race car. For children who love cars, we offer you an original recycling craft on our site. Learn how to make a racing car craft with paper rolls step by step.

Memory game. Memory game made with recycled plastic caps, for children. It is a simple and easy game to perform at home, but also because it helps to stimulate the child's concentration and attention. Learn to recycle materials such as caps to make homemade toys with children

Homemade kite. Guiainfantil proposes to make a simple and fun craft for the little ones in the house: a kite. This instrument was born in ancient China and today it is one of the most popular toys among children of all countries.

Pot of calm. Magic bottle or pot of calm. At we teach you how to make a bottle for children with emotional problems or to concentrate. It is a great tool for teaching children to manage their emotions.

Airplane with rolls of paper. Learn to make step by step a beautiful airplane with toilet paper rolls. Easy crafts with recycled materials for children. We teach you how to make a toy for children recycling toilet paper rollers. A simple and suitable craft for children of 8 years of age.

Slot game. If you remember how much fun it is to play slot machines, on our site we show you how to make one with the face of Minion. It is a great way to create toys at home, using shoe boxes, cereal boxes, or any other. Crafts with recycled material for children.

Toy bunk beds. On our site we teach you to make homemade toys easily and very cheaply. With just a few cardboard boxes we can make some original bunk beds for the dolls. An easy, simple and very inexpensive craft to do at home with the children.