Digestion and children's bathing

Digestion and children's bathing

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Now in summer, if there is something that children do not understand about the world of the elderly, it is why we have to wait to do the digestion to bathe. And it is very 'heavy' to have to wait to take a dip when the heat tightens in the early afternoon.

When I was little I always thought that digestion lasted the same as a nap, because when I asked my father precisely that: Dad, how long does digestion last? My father always told me: 'until I get up'. I imagined that during that time the food had to go down to my feet and when that happened I could take a bath.

My children always ask me the same thing: 'Can I take a bath now? Why do I have to wait? '. 'You can get sick in the gut if you suffer a digestion cut,' I usually tell them. It is the most basic, and what they understand most easily. However, as there are some families who do not respect this time and get into the water as soon as they eat or after having eaten, they do not understand why some of us are affected by the cut in digestion and their friends do not.

The truth is that the digestion cut can affect us all equally, Since when the body is digesting and immersing itself in cold water, there is a deficit of blood in the digestive system, because it moves towards the skin to balance the change in temperature and, then, a digestion cut.

This can also happen when we submerge ourselves in cold water after sunbathing or doing physical exercise. Therefore, special care must be taken with children, who are the ones who enjoy water the most at all times. The most common symptoms of a digestion cut are dizziness, vomiting, cramps, chills, nausea and sweating. In the event of any of these symptoms, the child must be removed immediately from the water, to minimize the risk of cardiac arrest.

Therefore, it is true that the digestion cut exists and that it is not a Chinese story that my father told us so that we could let him take a nap. It is convenient wait an hour and a half or two hours before bathing and once that time has elapsed, it is advisable to train the children to get into the water little by little to get used to the body and prevent them from jumping, head or pump.

Marisol New.

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