What can happen to your child in a playground

What can happen to your child in a playground

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Amy Smith Demi-Mai she ran happily towards her favorite swing. But as he threw himself down the slide, he screamed in pain. Someone had left a broken bottle, and the little glass was nailed. Her parents saw her running around in horror, stained with blood. Obviously they had to take her to the hospital.

Amy's case is just one more story of everything that can happen in a playground. Among other things, because they are not respected. Are the parks safe for our children?

The story of Amy It makes us reflect. The two-year-old just wanted to play and instead of a safe park, she found a hostile and dangerous space. Someone thought Kitson Park (Torquay, England) was a good place to drink, and left behind a broken bottle as a souvenir. Right at the end of the slide. The girl happily climbed the rope, ran to the slide. He launched himself without fear ... and cut his leg on the glass.

Parks are not always the safest place for children. The problem is that it is not only used by children, but many people decide that it can be a good place for everyone.

When choosing a playground, you must see if it is clean, if it is in a suitable place (away from roads and properly fenced), with swings made with materials that comply with regulations and with good maintenance. Parks are not always ideal places for children. It is not without risk. These are the dangers that you may encounter:

1. Broken bottles. Yes, parks at night often become a home for young people or homeless people. Many parents discover overflowing wastebaskets and bottles and cans lying on the floor first thing in the morning.

2. Animal droppings. The behavior of animal owners is not always what everyone expects. Many take their dogs for a walk in the park and have no qualms about leaving their excrement uncollected next to the children's games.

3. Syringes and condoms. It's unfortunate, but it happens. In some parks parents have come to find used condoms and even syringes.

4. Papers and dirt. Incorrect maintenance of the park causes it to fill with dirt and papers. All this favors the transmission of diseases.

5. Butts. Many parks have a sandy area for the little ones. Many parents discover with horror cigarette butts buried in the sand.

6. Stagnant water. A proper park will have a dream that drains the water properly. otherwise rain or irrigation water can stagnate or become a haven for undesirable microbes.

7. Rusty and sharp materials. If the swings are not monitored and the material is not correct, they can rust and break. Cuts in the skin with rusty material can transmit disease.

Despite all this, 70% of accidents in parks are due to falls. It is normal for children to jump, run and chase each other. Keep an eye on them and avoid getting on rides that are too tall for their age. And of course, if possible, choose parks with a floor that absorbs falls.

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