Children need vacations too

Children need vacations too

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One of the most anticipated moments of the year is the arrival of summer, and with it, the long-awaited vacation. So much so that the last days before them it seems that time does not advance, we are more tired, we have little desire to work and it is difficult for us to concentrate on our tasks. If this happens to adults, why should children be different?

Despite the fact that they have a lot of annual vacation days at school, children, like adults, they get tired of the routineIn his case from school: exams, homework, classes ... Children also need holidays.

Many of us would trade for children right now, right? Or would it not be good to go back to having 3 months of vacation and living in that state of carefree? I signed. Nevertheless, they, too, suffer the rigors of work in their own way. We can notice that our children need a few days off from school due to symptoms like these:

- every day when they get up they ask if they have to go to school and twist their faces when the answer is yes.

- are more tired in the morning and want to sleep longer.

- It is difficult for them to sit down to do their homework, they look for excuses and they seem distracted and with little attention span.

- is it so more irascible, in a worse mood and more impatient.

We should not underestimate the work our children do at school. They also get up early, spend a few hours sitting at the table attending to the teacher, doing work, taking notes or taking exams. They come home and usually have to spend another time doing homework for the next day, and so on day after day. This can drain them mentally and affect their character at the end of the year. Holidays serve them, like us, to get oxygenated, regain strength, change of scenery, have a new impulse and 'recharge the batteries' for the next year.

On the other hand, it is also convenient to note that children's summer vacations last a few months and experts recommend that children's brains remain active and do not stop their learning process during all that time. Therefore, it is worth doing some tasks to review what was learned during the course: a reading time, some dictation, math exercises ... These are tasks that will not take more than half an hour in all their idle day and that they will be very beneficial to them.

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