What happens to the belly after childbirth

What happens to the belly after childbirth

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Recovering the figure after childbirth is one of the issues that most concern us women. Will I have the same waist again? Will I lose the kilos that I have gained? These are common questions for pregnant women.

On television and in magazines we see how famous moms regain their physical form in record time, and this can lead us to think that the same thing will happen to us and to become depressed because our body does not react like theirs.

After giving birth to my first child, I was very surprised by how my belly turned out. After the delivery and once the anesthesia was over, everything had remained like a deflated balloon, and the look was like a belly in her fourth month of pregnancy but softer and more dancing. It was a slightly uncontrollable and heavy piece of meat that moved from side to side. It was unpleasant to see me like this. Also, the belly button looked huge, like a ball in the middle of the belly. Fortunately I had no stretch marks.

Not that I thought I was going to have the same figure once I gave birth, but I never thought that that volume and that skin that hung in a rather unsightly way would remain. I had to wear my pregnant clothes for at least a while and it took me almost a year to get back into shape. It will seem like a long time, but the truth is that I had gained too much weight and it was not easy to lose all the excess fat accumulated.

After the initial depression from seeing myself with such strange shapes I got down to work. These were my tricks, I hope they help you:

- I consulted the midwife and she helped me understand that there were no miracles in this. Pregnancy is a process that lasts 40 weeks, therefore the body needs at least that long to recover. Better not look at famous moms, they have a very bulky purse to solve this issue quickly and efficiently.

- Breastfeeding the baby helped me gradually lose the fat that I had accumulated.

- I waited the recommended time to start getting fit. I started giving long walks at a good pace with the baby. At least he walked an hour a day. And, 3 weeks after delivery, I started doing little gymnastic exercises at home. After two months I joined the gym and tried to do at least an hour followed by aerobic exercise.

- As for food, I tried to eat a lot of fiber and vegetables, drank a lot of fluids and tried not to snack between meals (something I had done regularly in my pregnancy.

It took me a while to see results, I wanted to throw in the towel and leave the gym and go back to taking scones and chocolate compulsively, but I held on and put willpower on it. With perseverance and work, I managed to get rid of the many kilos that I had gained. I ended up weighing 3 kilos more than at the beginning and could never take them off, but they didn't hurt either.

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