To make bathing a pleasure ...

To make bathing a pleasure ...

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When the toddler can sit stably, it is worth offering him a move to an adult bathtub and thus diversify the evening baths. Daily ritual can become a real pleasure for both parents and the young explorer. Playing in the water can tire even the most energetic child, and even calm down and make it easier to fall asleep.

Useful accessories

Where is the adventure worth starting? If you're worried about your baby losing his balance and slipping in the bathtub, think about securing its bottom. The solution is to invest in bath sponge in a cheerful, expressive color. We'll get it in a store with children's accessories, cost around PLN 14.

However, keep in mind that it requires proper care. Before the first bath it is worth it burn with boiling water. After each contact with water, it should be thoroughly rinsed and dried so that it is not a breeding ground for bacteria. It should be replaced after 2-3 months. You can also use the most ordinary tetr nappythat will prevent slipping. Also in this case the hygiene of the "bath helper" looks almost identical.

Facing the dilemma: washcloths, sponges or your own hands, let's try to choose what is most convenient for us. The market of children's accessories gives us the opportunity to choose many interesting products that can turn boring hygienic treatment into great fun. We can diversify contact with water by bath chairs and even sunbeds (their price ranges from PLN 20 to PLN 100). Special roundabouts for washing heads are available in stores (price around PLN 15 in online stores), which protect sensitive eyes from contact with water and shampoo.