7 photos of your children that you should not post on social networks

7 photos of your children that you should not post on social networks

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There are many voices that alert parents to the risks of posting photos of our children on social networks. We are warned about what can happen to these images once they leave the private sphere, even so, many parents do not hesitate to publish them.

If you are in this case and you do not care that the photos of your children are public or semi-public, it is advisable that you know what kind of images you should never post and the damage they could do to your children.

We all have that friend who posts photos of his children constantly, at any time, in any situation. Funny, cute photos and, some, too private to be exposed. In no case, the intention is bad, but I do not think that these parents stop to think about all the dangers to which they expose their children, these are some:

1- Photos of the children in the bathtub: Unfortunately, what can be a cute photo of a baby or a child enjoying themselves during bath time turns into a photo of a naked minor that can fall into the wrong hands, such as pedophiles or child pornography networks.

2- Images that embarrass children: photos or videos of children with some not very appropriate homemade costume, making an obscene gesture, belching or falling, can threaten the privacy of the child who was not asked permission. They are images that can be offensive to the child as they could be teased by others.

3- Photos of sick or injured children: it is very likely that you will not publish a photo of yourself when you are in bed at 38º, or when you are hospitalized, so why publish photos of your children in these situations?

4- Images on the urinal or toilet: the photos will remain on the web forever, imagine what your child will think when he grows up and other children can see him in those situations. Again, you could be mocked by your friends or classmates.

5- Photos of several children: If you want to post photos of your children, it is your decision, but don't do it if it appears in a group with other children. Perhaps their parents do not want, in any way, to see published images of their children on the net.

6- Images that reveal private data: They are those photos that can identify where you live, what school your children go to, what your house is like or what type of goods it contains. It is a perfect claim for thieves or criminals.

7- Images that show children's weaknesses: If we expose children's fears, be it of animals, heights or the sea, we are giving arguments to all those who enjoy humiliating others and could be the subject of laughter and jokes at school.

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