Creative and fun food for kids

Creative and fun food for kids

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My father in his youth was working in a hotel, he taught me the importance of food having a good presentation so that it enters us not only through the mouth but also through the eyes. For children, this recommendation can certainly be very useful to whet your appetite.

I still remember the decoration that we used to decorate the Russian salad: half a lemon with two peppers as eyes, a mouthful of bell pepper and parsley hair. The tray was crisp and smooth, thanks to the delicious flavor and above all to how appealing its decoration made it out of the ordinary.

A simple dish can seem like a delicacy when it is fun or out of the ordinary. There are foods that children enjoy eating because they can do it with their hands: hamburgers, Mexican burritos, couscous, etc ..., and what about the challenge of eating with chopsticks or clicking on the fondue? Without a doubt, a small gesture can motivate children to eat.

If our children are bad eaters, let's try feeding them in an unusual way, such as poking fruit, cheese, etc. on a stick for ice cream. Let's get your attention, children they love news and surprisesThey find them fun, they invite them to eat, they make mealtime a pleasant and pleasant moment.

Last Friday a friend of my daughter came to have a snack, I prepared a normal snack for them, but my daughter Ana, who is very imaginative, took a small table, placed a small tablecloth, placed some glasses and plates of her toy china and broke it all into tiny portions as if it were a snack for the dolls. They really enjoyed it, not only with the preparation, but also eating those small portions.

We can achieve a lot, surprising you. Also on one occasion, a lady at the grocery store was surprised that my children were having a party when I had broccoli for dinner. The appeal of broccoli for my children is that on one occasion we pretended that they were small trees that we ate seasoned with a little mayonnaise. Let's be creative! In feeding our children we have not only taken care of the flavors; the touch, the vision, the smells, the environment and fantasy become very important to them. Eating can be a lot of fun too!

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