Rescue for breastfeeding mother

Rescue for breastfeeding mother

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You look at your just born baby with great happiness, you know that you finally have your treasure in the world. From the beginning, you try to take care of him as best as possible, change your clothes, dress warmly, breastfeed ... just what to do when the latter becomes a torment and a cause of pain for us? Below I have compiled the most common breast problems and collected some tips on how to deal with them.

Milk storm

The milk storm is first difficulty appearing a few days after the birth of the child. Natural childbirth usually follows in third - fourth day, and after cesarean section two days later.

Young mothers look at theirs in horror swollen, full and sore breasts. They seek help from experienced mothers, midwives or websites. Sometimes helps expressing with your hand, however, in the long run it sometimes turns out to be insufficient, because food spills out with virtually every move. When there is a lot of milk, it will be helpful breast pump which will bring relief in a moment, but remember to use it skillfully and not to unnecessarily stimulate lactation. Therefore, the best solution is to express only a little bit of food until it we will feel a little relief. After feeding it is necessary often apply cool wraps on the diaper breast or traditionally made from cabbage leaves (cold compresses - inhibit milk flow).

Also lactation pads during this period they will prove necessary, protect clothing and underwear against leakage of food. If the milk storm becomes a real torment, you can reach for it sage infusion, which will naturally inhibit the lactation process a bit.

Food stagnation

Milk roll, weaning, too long breaks in feeding, poorly selected bra or breast injury can easily cause milk stasis, which is very nagging and dangerous for a woman.

Stasis occurs when the breasts are very tender to the touch, hard, swollen. A higher temperature may also be a warning signal. The problem increases when we want to feed a baby who is trying to suck and no milk comes out of the breast. It is best prevent such problems by frequently attaching the baby to the breast, but if it becomes stagnant, you must act immediately.

Certainly it will bring relief warm shower and specifically massaging the shower breast, water will facilitate the flow of food, reduce fever, reduce pain.