The boy who could do it. I have values

The boy who could do it. I have values

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The boy who could do it is a short story that contains a wonderful teaching for children. With it we can teach children a great lesson: to fight to achieve their own goals and objectives and don't listen to those who tell you they won't be able to make it.

This story is an adaptation of a popular story, made by Eloy Moreno and that is included in the book Stories to understand the world. In We recommend reading it, whether you are a child or an adult.

Two boys had been skating on a frozen lake all morning when the ice suddenly broke and one of them fell into the water. The internal current displaced it a few meters below the frozen part, so to save it the only option was to break the layer that covered it.

His friend began to shout for help, but when no one was coming he quickly looked for a stone and began to hit the ice with all his might.

He hit, hit and hit until he managed to open a crack through which he put his arm to grab his partner and save him. A few minutes later, notified by the neighbors who had heard the cries for help, the firefighters arrived. When they were told what had happened, they kept wondering how that little boy had been able to break such a thick layer of ice.

-It is impossible that with those hands he has achieved it, it is impossible, he does not have enough strength, how could he achieve it? they commented among themselves.

An old man who was in the vicinity, hearing the conversation, approached the firefighters.

"I do know how he did it," he said.

-How? they answered in surprise.

-There was no one around him to tell him that he couldn't do it.

Author: adaptation made by Eloy Moreno of a popular tale

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