Magazine rack with cereal box, craft for children

Magazine rack with cereal box, craft for children

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With children at home, it is normal that there is always some mess, toys or books on the floor, and many of those magazines that we accumulate without actually reading. To keep them organized we can make a nice magazine rack with the children.

This craft for children will teach them how important it is to recycle, and how everyday objects can be turned into different very useful ones, such as a magazine rack made from a cereal box and decorated with photographs.

  • A box of cereal
  • Magazine photographs
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • Zeal
  • Black marker
  • Varnish (optional)
  • Tips: You can also use colored folios or newspaper to decorate the magazine rack.

1. To start this craft, you will need an empty cereal box. Make sure it is clean and dry. Put tape on the base to make it firm and hold the weight of the magazines.

2. Using a marker pen, draw a cross line from the upper left corner to the opposite side, about a third of the way up, as shown in the image. Take care that both sides match.

3. Cut out the cereal box carefully. Start with one of the sides, before cutting the next one make sure that both lines are at the same height, and if they are not correct it. Finish cutting out the box.

4. Choose the photos that you like best from some magazines and cut them out. You can also use colored folios, cardstock, wrapping paper, or newsprint.

5. Put glue on the box and glue the pictures together so that they overlap slightly. Continue until you coat the entire surface. When it dries, you can give it a coat of varnish to make it firmer.

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