A lesson in lubrication, i.e. how to avoid getting a baby sore

A lesson in lubrication, i.e. how to avoid getting a baby sore

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When I gave birth to a child, I remember that in the hospital I could still hear what each child does not pass. One of these ailments was to be burns. I wondered how the hell was the baby getting sore in disposable diapers? And what? And the diapers just started the problem.

Diaper diaper uneven - more expensive does not mean better

Disposables are salvation - I don't know at all how our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers dealt with children. I can't imagine raising babies without disposables of all kinds and wonders of technology. Bobas smeared with a whole carrot? This is nothing!

Our all-robotic machine will immediately wash it (at the thought of myself standing by the river and washing children's jackets I get a funny grimace on my face). Bobas made a beautiful pile and filled the house with a streak of feces? Great! Mommy is already changing the diaper so that there are no sore spots. Well, how is it that despite frequent diaper changes, children can get sore anyway?

I tried a lot of diaper brands available on the market and, paradoxically: the cheapest were the best, the most expensive - quite the opposite.

For the first time Lila got sore from ... Pampers. It always seemed to me that a child should not save, which is why we bought a small original Pampers.

Then I tried other diapers. I remember that our lady pediatrician laughed at one of the advertisements that praised a restful sleep and a dry bottom for 12 hours - "If something is to last 12 hours and not wet the baby's bottom, it certainly is not healthy," she said. And indeed, the original Pampers have a specific smell, neither nice nor unpleasant - just chemical.

One time I was tempted by these "Wonderful 12h" Pampersa in promotion and I regretted it after 2-3 days. The full diaper had a smell so unbearable (and I do not mean its content in the strict sense - by all means!) That it was impossible to pick a small one without holding her breath.
After 3 days, the scald is ready! Initially, I thought that I could rewind it too rarely, but once in an hour and a half, in my opinion, it was enough. The reason was the substance, which was soaked in the moisture-absorbing diaper insert - the chemical, unpleasant smell and unknown composition irritated my daughter's skin and effectively deterred the most expensive diapers on the market.

After checking the diapers Happy, Huggies, Rossmann "Babydream" and ladybug "Dada" I became the most faithful fan of the cheapest diapers from a ladybug. Dady does not irritate, absorb well, does not sensitize, costs little and, above all, does not smell of chemistry. I was very skeptical about cheap diapers, but I found out, once again, that price and quality do not have to go hand in hand, and since ordinary Dady did not sensitize me to a small allergy sufferer, I do not have to hang up and buy diapers for PLN 50 per package.

Ointments and powders vs bare ass

Well, but what to do when the burns have already appeared? There is a whole range of anti-chafing products on the market, but creams from supermarkets alone will not help. It all depends on the scale of the problem: a small nappy nappy, or a large patch of skin, e.g. when teething or when the nappy is not changed for too long.