Tobacco Double jeopardy during pregnancy

Tobacco Double jeopardy during pregnancy

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Children of smoking mothers tend to be more restless, nervous, irritable, and more difficult to comfort and attend to, just like the babies of mothers addicted to cocaine or heroin. The statement might seem a bit exaggerated but it is supported by the experience of Karen L. Law, author of a study on the behavior of the children of pregnant smokers in the first 48 hours of life.

The research was published by the American journal, Pediatrics. Researchers say that a legal drug, such as nicotine, can have the same toxic effect as illegal drugs, and that is why it is not strange to verify that when the babies of smoking mothers are separated from the mother's womb, in some cases they show the withdrawal pattern typical of drug addicts.

However, and beyond the extreme cases, in a general way the babies of smokers have high chances of being born underweight (the range of normal can be between 2,500 and 3,000 grams) or premature, circumstances that compromise their health in the short, medium and long term. The difficulty that many mothers have to give up the habit has, in this case, the incentive to protect their future baby and the hope of having a healthy child with good intellectual development.

If you're pregnant, don't wait, start quitting today. Being a passive smoker is equally dangerous, so do not allow them to smoke in your presence and finally, if you manage to stay away from cigarettes during pregnancy, try to say goodbye to this vice once and for all, for your good and that of your sons.

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