Negative phrases that demotivate children

Negative phrases that demotivate children

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To get children to be orderly, studious, happy, sincere, responsible, and to be constant as much as possible, it seems difficult but it is not so difficult. It can motivate children, from the earliest age, to learn and know what we want from them and for them.

Motivation is what can contribute the most to the task of educating children, awakening in them a positive action in all the tasks they carry out during their days. Another thing is that children are negatively motivated by promoting just the opposite of what is desired and expected of them.

We present some phrases of negative motivations, that is, of which we must do without our education. When these phrases are said in front of other people to the children, humiliation occurs, and the negative attitude is further reinforced. We must be very careful what we say to children.

After knowing the phrases that harm the emotional and affectivity of children, it is recommended that you do an exercise. Add some phrases that you normally use at home with your child to the list below.

Observe them and see what kind of attitude may be motivating your child to do. Insurance is everything contrary to what you wanted and expected from him.

The sentences follow. First, what is said and then the attitude that the words promote.

NEGATIVE MOTIVATION (Phrases said by parents to their children)

You are messyThe mess
You're always wanting to screwPester even more
You must learn from your cousinI reject the cousin
So you won't get anywhereFear
I'm sick of youHeartbreak
You're a crybabyLack of selfesteem
Learn from your brotherJealousy
How do you continue like this, I'm going to punish youSadness, revenge
You are always fightingI like fighting
Get out of my sight ... I don't want to see youHeartbreak
You kill me with disgustFear, heartbreak
You are always fightingIt's mine
Every day you behave worseI'm like that, I'm bad
You're a liarMy thing is to lie
I don't know when you will learnSadness. I can not
You don't want me anythingHeartbreak Sadness
So you won't have friendsIt's true

Source consulted:
- Article by Pablo Garrido. Professor at the European Institute for Educational Studies

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