Princess dresses for First Communion

Princess dresses for First Communion

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All the girls who do the First Communion they want to feel like princesses for a day. Of course, it is a very special day, since in addition to the religious ceremony, you will be surrounded by your entire family. Therefore, we also have to take into account that the photos will last a lifetime and that styling is also very important.

In this case, we look at the princess style from the prism of the dress, to make our daughters look radiant in this unique moment of communion.

A princess style dress It is one that has a fitted shape on the torso and waist, and that gives way to a puffy skirt that falls to the feet. We can see this in dresses for adult women, and also in wedding dresses, which is what could most resemble a dress for women. First Communion for girls.

Therefore, if we want our daughter to look like a real princess in this well-known family ceremony, we have to choose a dress that has the following details: a floaty skirt in which a cancan fits, a suit that has sleeves, since those that are strapless are more similar to a hippie style or boho chic, and the necessary ornaments that add romance to the suit in question.

Like any princess worth its salt, a dress that's as romantic as this guy needs basic embellishments to help it shine:

- A tie at the waist: It involves incorporating a satin ribbon that adds volume to the dress at the back, which will give the girl even more of a princess impression.

- Some lace gloves: There is no princess without beautiful gloves, so we can choose ones that are short, fabrics based on lace so that the girl is comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

- A crown of flowers: It is not about wearing a princess dress as if it were a costume, but about providing small accessories and details. In this case, we can fix on a crown or headband with small flowers to complete the style itself.

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