When you drive with your children, do you smoke?

When you drive with your children, do you smoke?

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We must not smoke in front of or next to children. Apart from harming their health, we are setting a bad example for them in terms of habits and customs. If you smoke with your children by your side, they will surely imitate you when they are older. Give them good examples to follow so that later you have no reason to complain.

Some studies reveal that a large number of parents smoke when they drive with their children. It is like enclosing them in a balloon and filling it with smoke. Can you imagine what these children may be breathing when their parents take them to school or during a trip?

I always thought that children do not have to breathe the tobacco smoke that their parents or whoever is with them smoke, be it in the car, in their living room or while they play in the public park. Well, recently the British Parliament has given the green light to the ban on smoking in cars with children, one of the most restrictive laws in Europe. The aim is to improve the health of thousands of children since tobacco smoke is 23 times more toxic inside vehicles than in a bar.

Children and the elderly, according to the British Medical Association (BMA), They are the 'passive smokers' most exposed to the toxic cocktail created by cigarette smoke in combination with the chemicals used in vehicle interiors.

Could it be that parents who smoke in front of their children do not perceive how bad they are doing to them? Many times when I am on my way to work, I come across parents who smoke while carrying their newborn baby in the stroller. I confess that this shocks me, first because of how bad the little one must go through and then because of the parents' lack of awareness. I think it is an incomprehensible situation. This measure seems necessary and timely, although I have a couple of questions left: how will it be applied? And how will it be controlled? I suppose that awareness campaigns will be publicized first, although we know and are well aware of the effects of tobacco smoke on children.

Many of the chest infections, asthma attacks and cases of the so-called sudden death syndrome, are linked to the inhalation of smoke from the cigarettes that others smoke. Smoke can be up to thirty times more toxic when breathed indoors. It is about time that parents who continue to smoke next to their children become aware that the health of their children is their responsibility and competence.

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