Benefits of propolis or propolis for children and pregnant women

Benefits of propolis or propolis for children and pregnant women

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Propolis is a substance made by bees from products of plant origin, such as tree buds or resins, and is used by these insects to seal their hives. However the propolis It provides many health benefits, especially for children and pregnant women. Discover the advantages of propolis, which is a product that can be purchased in pharmacies and herbalists and is ideal to prevent colds or cure respiratory infections.

1. Protects the throat from infections. The fundamental advantage of propolis is that it protects against infections that are mainly found in the throat, and that it also protects the vocal cords. Some of its components are beeswax, resins or essential oils, making it a very complete process to take care of the throat and prevent you from getting an infection.

2. Acts against colds. Its anti-inflammatory properties and antiseptic functions can guarantee a good action against colds. Propolis is necessary to buy it in pharmacies, since quality controls will be assured. Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects make it an ideal option for children and pregnant women in times of cold.

3. It is good for the digestive system. Propolis is great for the throat and vocal cords, but it is also a great component in digestive health, as it protects the liver and is good for regenerating ulcers.

4. It increases the body's defenses. Propolis can not only be used as a medicine when you already have an infection or flu, but it can be a great ally on a daily basis to prevent these discomforts of the body, and incidentally strengthen the body's defenses. This balsamic and natural substance provides energy because it is rich in vitamins and mineral amino acids.

5. Fight flu states. Propolis is ideal to be ingested at times when the body is involved in a flu process. To curb cold or flu symptoms, propolis is a great ally, since in the case of pregnant women, it could be ingested to replace antibiotics that normally cannot be taken. Both for children and for pregnant, propolis is a good option in times of flu because it is not an aggressive product for the body, it is natural and has antiviral effect.

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