How to teach children to take care of our planet

How to teach children to take care of our planet

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Yesterday I met a friend who was going with her daughter to buy a flower for the girl to take to school today. With the flower they were going to decorate a huge poster to celebrate Earth Day.

Years ago, I remember that my teacher asked us for drawings and poetry that reflected the need to respect and care for the environment. It seems to me an effective way to open the eyes of children to the riches, as well as to the deficiencies of the planet.

However, I believe that a common awareness about the problems of pollution, the conservation of biodiversity, and other environmental concerns, does not awaken only in one day, it is necessary to teach and instill in our children the need to care for and respect the environment. planet since they are very young, and day after day, both at home and at school.

On April 22, many countries celebrate Earth Day. Let's take advantage of the holiday to teach children that the good health of the Earth depends a lot on our attitudes towards the environment.

Children need to develop positive habits when it comes to nature, such as:

- Do not dirty or pollute rivers, lakes, reservoirs, fields, mountains, ... Do not throw garbage on the ground.

- Use water in moderation, both at bath time, or when washing hands, etc.

- Do not harm the trees or animals. It is necessary to respect the common good.

- Recycle and reuse what no longer serves us, instead of discarding. Children can transform a simple jar or container of some product, into a toy, etc. We must teach children the importance of recycling.

- Have respect and contact with nature, to know its qualities.

- Plant, sow, irrigate and take care of the land, not even in a home garden.

- Visit forests, farms, botanical gardens ...

- Watch, whenever possible, videos about life in the seas, mountains, etc. It is essential that children learn, in a natural and fun way, the value of water, land, air ...

As teachers and parents, we play an important role in this regard. We must, above all, give examples. Children imitate us in good and bad. You must never 'lower your guard' in this regard.

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