How to help the baby to separate from mom

How to help the baby to separate from mom

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The first time I separated from my daughter, she was only one month old. He had a constant lump in his throat. Yet she did not suffer. That night she slept clinging to one of my shirts, because when she noticed my smell, she calmed down. That experience helped me to understand my daughter when the same thing happened to her when she separated from me a few months later, just at the time when she was going to nursery for the first time.

There is something that ties us to our son from the beginning. The umbilical cord it is more than just a conduit. It is a link. A bond that binds mother and child. When the baby is born, it clings to its mother. It feels safe. He recognizes the heartbeat, his voice, and soon also the smell of his mother.

But the months pass and the baby has to begin to gain autonomy. One day, the mother must go back to work and separate from her son. And then the baby doesn't understand anything. Why does his mother disappear? Where is she? Will she come back? And a wave of fear seizes him. Is helplessness, incomprehension, iuncertainty, anguish Y afraid to the unknown.

This is where the mother's skills come into play. The objective is to try, little by little, that the child understands that even if mother is not with him, he does not disappear forever. That in the meantime, he can continue exploring the world for himself. Y that nothing will happen to him in his absence. Children in their first years of life want only that: love, security and the certainty that they will never be left alone and unprotected.

- So that your child does not suffer when you leave, begin to separate from him in short periods. One hour first. Then two ... It will take days for your child to stop crying. Even weeks. Every baby needs his time. But it will end up overcoming it. After six months, the baby becomes more autonomous, and the separation will be less painful.

- There are games that will help the baby to understand that mom, even if she leaves, will come back. The cuckoo, the surprise boxes or the train that disappears when entering a tunnel and reappears when the tunnel ends, are some of them.

- Explain everything that is going to happen: 'Mom is going to take you to kindergarten, she is going to give you a big kiss and in a while she will come back for you.' Your child will realize that you keep your promise and will lose their fear of the unknown.

Help your baby to lose the fear of being without a mother, to be more autonomous and less dependent. He will love you the same and you will be helping to form a strong and solid personality.

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