Amazing facts about baby sleep

Amazing facts about baby sleep

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Someone who wishes to sleep like a baby certainly has no children or has forgotten what it's like when babies are small.

An infant's dream is different than an adult's. It is for the tiny body something more than just rest, it is valuable moments of brain development. That is why all sleep disturbances have such a big impact on the daily functioning of the toddler, affect him to a much greater extent than sleepless nights for an adult.

A light sleep

The baby sleeps lightly. The sleep phase, when the child easily wakes up, lasts longer in a toddler than in an adult. This is because at the stage of light sleep blood flow to the brain doublesin addition at this time special proteins are formed, the particles that make up the brain.

The active phase of sleep is also learning time, i.e. the processing of information acquired during the waking phase occurs rapid stage of brain growth. Sleep time is very important because the child's brain in the first two years increases to almost 70% of the volume of the adult brain.

Sleep researchers found that dreams (REM phase, plaque sleep) in newborns occupy about half of the total duration of sleep, and in three-year-olds only a third. Light sleep is characterized by eye movements, grimaces, and limb twitching

Very important as a dream

  • growth hormones are activated during sleep,
  • during sleep neurons grow and grow at a rapid pace,
  • undisturbed night sleep allows for comprehensive development of the child: cognitive, social and physical development,
  • during sleep the child grows up: he gains weight and in the first few months "extends" by up to half a millimeter in one night,
  • night sleep has a greater impact on child's development than daytime sleep,
  • good sleep affects the toddler's appetite, promotes a positive attitude, thanks to him the child is cheerful and calm,
  • poor sleep can cause slower development of a child: weight loss, loss of energy, slower development,
  • After all, sleep is a natural filter for a child that protects him from information overload.

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A deep sleep

Although the brain develops primarily in the light sleep phase, deep sleep is equally important for the toddler. This is the time when he has a slightly open mouth, regular pulse and regular breathing. Waking up a toddler from this phase of sleep usually ends with a loud protest and can disrupt the further functioning of the day. Therefore, it's better not to do it, just wait for the baby to wake up.