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I have already tried everything - the results of the competition

I have already tried everything - the results of the competition

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At the end of May, we announced a competition in which there were three copies of the book "I've tried everything" by Isabelle Filliozat published under our patronage. We have received a lot of messages from you. Thank you for all! We decided to reward the authors of the three answers below. Congratulations to all!

"I am bothered by the lack of time for myself. This increases fatigue, irritation, lack of patience. I am bothered by the lack of contact with someone who speaks to me in full sentences, I am tired, longing for a normal life. I love my children, but I want to go back to work so that after returning home I want to spend time with them ... because so far I have enough of them. And the children ... you can see that they are missing something - a happy mother. " Anna Żugaj

"The" great "advice from" kind "people and" smart "portals disturbed me the most. If I wanted to put them all into practice, I would certainly have developed some kind of maternal neonatal schizophrenia because a lot of advice is mutually exclusive or mentally burdening parents. In addition, they require a huge financial outlay - some basic basket of recommended products probably exceeds the installment of many housing loans ... I am in favor of trusting my intuition and quickly showing people the borders from which it is not worth leaning with your kindness. And this way: according to my father, I bought too many clothes and toys, according to my friend, it was shameful that my son slept with us for almost 2 years, according to my cousin I should not cook soup for him, according to the midwife I caused the child a lot of suffering without buying a combined vaccine, and according to the stranger in the elevator my baby is "too old" for a pacifier. Maybe it's all true (who knows?), But I have a great, beloved son who gives me much more every day than he takes and I enjoy him every day. I recommend this slack and distance to every mother :) " Ela Max
"You must always start with yourself! So the biggest problem is too high expectations of yourself and your child. The best parents are a bit lazy (zeal is worse than fascism) and selfish (healthy parents get on better and get along better) " Agata Cupriak