Phaedrus's children's fables. The wolf and the goat

Phaedrus's children's fables. The wolf and the goat

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Upon completion, a link will appear to access the found materials. brings you children's stories, legends and fables for children that will help moms, dads and teachers explain certain behaviors that are difficult to understand.

Among all the writers of fables for children, Phaedrus stands out for his large number of stories that try to warn of the dangers of listening to strangers.

A wolf found a goat grazing on the edge of a cliff. As he couldn't get to where he was, she told him:

- Hey friend, you better come down because there you can fall. Also, look at this meadow where I am, it is very green and
grown up.

But the goat told him:

- I know well that you do not invite me to eat, but yourself, being your menu.

Moral: Always know the wicked, so they do not catch you with their deceptions.

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