Pregnant at 40. Advantages and risks

Pregnant at 40. Advantages and risks

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Today, women are increasingly delaying childbearing. Although for biological reasons the ideal age to be a mother is still between 20 and 30 years old, few are the women who, due to studies, work, financial and personal reasons, consider being mothers in that age group. That is why it is not strange to meet new moms over 40, a circumstance that has its pros and cons.

They say that being a mother after 40 lengthens life for that Energy what gives you to have a baby to love and care for. Although this is not scientifically proven, it is true that we are talking about a decision, that of becoming pregnant that has been more thoughtful and for which all vital factors have been taken into account. Therefore, a new mother at 40 is much more prepared to be a mother.

Nor can we forget that if a woman has waited until that age to become pregnant, she surely already enjoys job, sentimental and emotional stability, so she is more prepared to face all the unforeseen events that the baby's arrival entails. Getting pregnant at 40 poses undeniable risks for the baby, so it is common for these mature mothers to take much better care of themselves, be in good physical condition and have an excellent quality of life.

Despite the fact that more and more women are becoming pregnant after 40 and most of them manage to carry their pregnancy to term, there is no doubt that age is a risk factor for pregnancy. And it is that the older, the more risk of miscarriage and more complications in childbirth. The development of pregnancy can also be complicated with age, as cases of preeclampsia, placenta previa, preterm labor and low birth weight increase.

However, facing possible complications are medical advances. Tests such as amniocentesis or triple screening can detect many congenital anomalies early, which is generally what worries pregnant women the most. And in any case, any risky pregnancy is scrupulously followed by doctors. So, the truth is that most pregnancies after 40 end with a happy mother and a healthy baby.

Laura Velez. Writer of GuiaInfantil

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