The Jungle Book. Adventure movie for kids

The Jungle Book. Adventure movie for kids

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The classic Mowgli story returns to the cinema. This time they are not cartoons, but it preserves the essence and the music of the first film with which Walt disney adapted the classic novel for children Rudyard Kipling's: The Jungle Book (1894).

The story tells the spirit of survival of a child, Mowgli, who is orphaned in the middle of the jungle. He is adopted by wolves and when he grows up, he befriends a bear (Baloo) and a panther (Bagheera). Obviously, you go through experiences that test your ability to adapt and overcome difficulties. Your friends, who are also your family, will guide you and teach you the fundamental values ​​you can learn from Nature.

Data sheet:

Original title- The Jungle Book

Nationality united states

Year- 2016

Producer- Walt Disney Studios Pictures

Director- Jon Favreau

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