The most popular names in Dominican Republic for boys

The most popular names in Dominican Republic for boys

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Some parents are faced with a dilemma when it comes to naming their baby. Sometimes they choose names for their children that keep the family tradition and other times their personal tastes are imposed. But a name is always chosen that reinforces the child's personality.

In Dominican Republic they are clear that the names with the most personality are the names with tradition. For this reason, in the list of frequent names for children we find classic and traditional names, sometimes forming compound names and with a clear preference for José.

1. Rafael. It is a name of Hebrew origin that has been transmitted to us thanks to the biblical tradition. It is at the top of the list of frequent names for its forcefulness and because it has a distinguished touch that is difficult to match.

2. Juan Carlos. The Hebrew origin of Juan joins the Germanic origin of Carlos in one of the most popular names in the Hispanic world. Fortitude is implicit in the meaning of Carlos and the classic Juan only highlights the familiarity of this compound name.

3. José Antonio. The name finds a Hebrew origin in José and a possible Etruscan origin in Antonio. The enigmatic origin of Antonio combined with one of the most frequent names, José, reinforces the charisma and personality of the child who wears it.

4. José Luis. Again we find the combination of a Hebrew origin, José, plus a Germanic origin, Luis. It is another compound name whose meaning speaks of courage and courage and that remains among the most frequent without losing positions.

5. Michelangelo. This name has a Hebrew origin, that of Miguel, plus a Greek origin, that of Angel. It is one of the most popular compound names for its artistic evocations, where charisma, creativity and genius are guaranteed.

6. Francisco. It has a Germanic origin with a meaning of freedom that highlights the beauty of this sonorous and forceful name. The name is so powerful on its own that it needs no accompaniment and is one of the most attractive and established names for boys.

7. Juan. It is a name of Hebrew origin with an almost universal popularity that makes it recognizable throughout the world. Juan generally accompanies other names forming traditional compounds, but his personality makes it work perfectly on its own.

8. Jose. This name works just as well as Juan. It is also of Hebrew origin and can also appear alone or in compound names. Without a doubt, José is one of the most liked names in the Dominican Republic and remains unchanged in popularity despite time.

9. Julius Caesar. It is a name of Latin origin whose strength lies in the character thanks to which it has been transmitted to us. This compound name is capable of transferring us to ancient Rome and enjoying all the charm and personality of a noble and hard-working character.

10. Carlos Manuel. The Germanic origin of Carlos joins the Hebrew origin of Manuel in one of the most emblematic compound names for boys. It is a name that evokes nobility and that brings a sophisticated and elegant air to the child who wears it.

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