What to do when children uncover at night

What to do when children uncover at night

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Parents and children have a night battle that is as silent as it is constant: the child uncovers and we cover him, he uncovers again and we tuck him back in and so on all night, and night after night.

It becomes a relentless and exhausting fight, especially for chilly mothers like me who are overwhelmed by the thought that the child can freeze on the bed in cold weather. The point is that whatever we do, the boy keeps uncovering and ends up sleeping on the sheets. What can we do? There are some tricks that can help us.

First it is important to know why children tend to uncover. It can be due to several causes:

- Parents are sometimes very exaggerated and we dress and cover the children excessively. Polar pajamas, blankets, duvets ... the strange thing is that they don't get a heat stroke with so much layer. Faced with the heat they feel, children stir in their bed and stick their bodies out simply because they are hot.

- There are very active children who they move around a lot at night. If we recorded them with a camera we would see their constant movement. Faced with such a display of twists and turns, it is difficult for them to remain covered.

- The first solution is do not cover too much. If the child sweats, he will have to move to get out of the blankets. Also taking into account that during the first phase of sleep there are children who sweat a lot, it is important to avoid that sweat stays cold. We can leave him on the bed without covering him, and when the sweating phase has passed, in case he suffers it, we can only cover him with the necessary clothes.

- For very active children the solution is in do not cover them, yes or yes they are going to uncover, therefore what we can do is make sure that they have enough clothes to be able to spend the night on the sheets and not stay cold. If it is necessary to put an undershirt for the cold, fat pajamas and wool socks, well we do.

- For the baby there is the trick of sleeping bag, there will be no escape. In any case, it is necessary to follow the manufacturer's recommendations and never throw a blanket over the jacket or dress him too much inside. There are also special bags for older children, which leave their feet exposed so that they can move more easily and thus are more comfortable.

- Place larger duvets or blankets to be able to insert more quantity of element under the mattress. I resort to the trick of placing the quilt in the opposite direction so that it falls more on the sides and with that lateral weight I get more 'trapped'.

- There are also other products on the market such as Tweezers hold sheets or sheets that are like sleeping bags.

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