Surrogate mothers: a resource for a few

Surrogate mothers: a resource for a few

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More and more people, who want to be parents, turn to the surrogate mothers to have children. The news that announce the paternity of some famous people (Miguel Bosé, Ricky Martin, Tita Cervera, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Sharon Stone, Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker) by means of this method, which has already been shielded from legal coverage to avoid regrets.

The fact of using a surrogate mother to carry her baby Up to the time of his birth, it has proven to be a very successful choice to help infertile couples have babies. Surrogate or surrogate motherhood is defined as the process by which a woman offers her womb to carry another couple's baby until the moment of birth.

Once the baby is born, this woman must deliver it to the couple in question, giving up any legal rights you may have to the baby. In the United States, the idea has gained acceptance and currently in eight states there are laws that allow pregnancy contracts. Although in Spain this solution is not yet legal, the truth is that it is an increasingly widespread phenomenon in other countries such as Canada, Israel, India, Russia, New Zealand, South Africa or the United States.

There are a wide variety of reasons for using the services of a surrogate mother. One of the causes is usually the infertility of the woman who wants a child, possible risk pregnancies or the inability to carry a pregnancy to term. And another, in the case of men, there are those who only want to be parents or have a male homosexual partner.

There are different types of surrogate mothers:

- The traditional surrogate mother It is the woman who has been artificially inseminated with the sperm of the man who wishes to be a father or with an anonymous sperm donor. The woman, who in this case is the biological mother of the baby, must give the child for adoption to the future parents, a procedure that must be adjusted to the laws of each country.

- Instead, the gestational surrogate mother It is the one that takes the eggs of the biological mother and that have already been fertilized in vitro with the sperm of her partner. These embryos are transferred to the gestational mother, who will carry the embryos that develop within her womb to term.

- At gestational rental of a womb, the names of the biological parents appear on the baby's birth certificate that is made at the hospital, which means that it is registered as the couple's child.

Uterus rental is one of the most expensive solutions currently available to reverse infertility problems, and therefore, it is an option that not all couples can access or afford.

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