What are Meteopathic Children

What are Meteopathic Children

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The meteopathy, also called meteoropathy is the science that studies the relationship between certain weather changes and its negative effects on people.

Seasonal climatic conditions and changes in the weather forecast, such as humidity, pressure, hours of sunshine or temperature, affect both physically and mentally a third of the world's population, being more sensitive to these atmospheric changes children and adolescents, the elderly and women.

1. Faced with the drop in atmospheric pressure children may suffer from sleep disturbances and insomnia, or loss of concentration and memory. In addition, in children who have previously suffered trauma to their musculoskeletal system, such as sprains or breaks, pain may occur in the damaged areas. Low atmospheric pressures also accentuate diseases such as asthma, arthritis and rheumatism, allergies, migraines and colic.

2. It is common for irritability and anxiety and headaches to increase when there are sudden changes in the weather. or strong winds.

3. In some schools they have found that children are more nervous than usual before it starts to rain, and it is that the alterations of light, as for example it happens in cloudy days or the rain can cause not only nervousness but can also affect your state of mind, generating apathy, irritability and anxiety.

4. Cold and damp they increase sensitivity to pain, cause the urge to urinate, and can trigger cardio-circulatory and respiratory disorders.

5. Heat waves they can cause dehydration, asthenia, irritability, depression, episodes of diarrhea and anorexia or lack of appetite in children.

6. If the atmospheric pressure increases, children can suffer conjunctivitis and asthmatic decompensations.

In order to better cope with the effects of weather changes on children, it is important to reassure them because we cannot do anything to control the weather,

It is convenient to think positively, for example looking at the things we can do on a rainy day, instead of thinking about those we cannot do, and also try to foresee what may happen to the child and help him express how he feels about the conditions meteorological.

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