When can children use a pillow

When can children use a pillow

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We adults do not conceive of sleeping without a pillow and we tend to think that in children it is also an essential element to provide them with a restful sleep, however depending on age we can greatly harm the health of our children so it is advisable to follow the following recommendations.

When choosing whether or not our children should use a pillow, we must take into account: on the one hand their age, on the other hand their physical structure and finally the posture in which they usually sleep.

You should keep this in mind before looking for a pillow for your baby. These are the reasons why pediatricians advise against the use of pillows in babies:

1. The use of the pillow, as well as cushions or stuffed animals, in the crib can cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, since it can lie face down during sleep and not being able to turn around.

2. Babies' heads are proportionally larger than their shoulders, so the use of the pillow would prevent a natural alignment of their back because the natural curvature of your neck is forced and it would be uncomfortable.

From a physiological point of view, the ideal would be for the child to use a pillow when your shoulders are wider than your headas it allows your head, neck, and back to be aligned.

Between 2 and 4 years old, children tend to move a lot while they sleep, so perhaps at these ages the use that they will give to the pillows is really very small and can appear anywhere on the bed except under their head.

From the age of 4, children's sleep tends to be less busy and may be more advisable, taking into account the posture they usually adopt at bedtime.

1. Face down: If the child sleeps face down, it is recommended not to use a pillow or to use a very thin one no more than 10 centimeters.

2. Face up: If the most comfortable position for the child to sleep is on his back, it is advisable to use a thin pillow that fits the nape of the neck so that the neck is not very flexed and thus promote rest. Some experts recommend the butterfly pillow in this position.

3. Sideways: If the child usually sleeps on his side, experts recommend a thin and firm pillow that allows the head and spine to align.

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