Myths about waxing pubic hair during pregnancy and postpartum

Myths about waxing pubic hair during pregnancy and postpartum

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For many women, hair removal pubic hair It is very important during pregnancy, and especially when the moment of delivery approaches, either due to hygiene, modesty or beauty. However, for many others it is not something relevant, although it is a subject that causes some expectation and about which there are some myths that must be abandoned.

1. It is essential before delivery: Although it is something very widespread, the fact of having to wax yes or yes before giving birth is a myth. It is not imperative to have a fully waxed pubis to welcome the baby, but many women prefer it for hygiene. In some hospitals hair is removed which can make the points difficult, but not in others, so it depends on the pregnant woman if she prefers to go prepared before being a mother.

2. Blade cannot be used: Another false belief is one that involves the use of blades to depilate the intimate area during pregnancy. It is not true that the blade cannot be used before giving birth, although it is true that you have to be careful when calculating where to remove hairSince the bigger the belly and the more advanced the pregnancy, it is more difficult to do it yourself. The blade can be used perfectly, especially if we use a mirror to see ourselves better, if we squat down or if we require the help of another person so that the hair removal is completely fine.

3. No need to go to a professional: Another myth is the one that has to do with beauty centers. Although it is true that it is better not to go to a spa when the pregnancy is advanced, it has nothing to do with hair removal. The professionals of the aesthetic centers can be a great solution for unwanted hair in pregnancy, since they can reach areas that we ourselves do not see due to the volume of the belly, or because they can do it in a faster way , effective and less painful.

4. Cream is dangerous: Although it is true that it can cause irritations, this can occur if the time that the cream is applied on such a delicate area is not controlled. It is a myth that cream cannot be used in the pubis during pregnancy to depilate the area in question, but it is true that you must be very careful that this method does not irritate or burn the vaginal lips if the estimated time - about four or five minutes - is far exceeded.

5. Can't use wax: The wax is not at all dangerous when it comes to removing the hair that accompanies the pubis, however there is a truth that accompanies this myth, and it is the one that has to do with leaving aside the wax that has a temperature higher. It is better to use cold wax in pregnancy and postpartum, since the area is very delicate and the best option will be the one that is not hot. If we use hot wax, the vagina could be irritated or sore, so the best option is the cold one, which is not prohibited at all.

6. It is prohibited after childbirth: The last myth is the one that has to do with waxing after being a mother. Unless you have a lot of stitches or the area is still very sensitive, there should be no problem with removing the hair after having delivered the baby naturally with the most practical method for yourself.

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