Infant during the heat

Infant during the heat

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The worst heat is tolerated by small children, especially newborns and younger infants who are unable to change position themselves and often feel discomfort when the heat pours into the sky. They are not much different from adults in this respect: they can be cranky and irritable, eat worse and have trouble falling asleep. How to care for a small child when the outside temperature warms the asphalt to red?

Do not overheat

Small children, especially newborns, do not yet have well-developed thermoregulation capacity, which is why they are particularly vulnerable to overheating. For this reason, certain rules should be followed:

  • on particularly hot days, avoid being outside with a small child during the highest hours of sunshine, i.e. from 11am to 4pm,
  • the toddler should stay in the shade,
  • a parasol is better than a closed gondola booth (which creates almost a sauna microclimate),
  • baby skin is particularly sensitive, so you should cover it with a good quality cosmetic with a high UV filter (on the market there are creams with a filter for children from birth, from the third month of life, from the sixth month of life, or even from the first year of life: it is worth analyzing carefully label and choose the right preparation),

How to feed a child during the heat?

A toddler can be in the heat irritable and refuse food. Despite this, it should be attached to the breast, if only to suck a dozen or so seconds. The formula-fed children should be propose water more often that they could quench their thirst.

It is not necessary to give milk to breast-fed children, milk flowing out of the breast at the beginning is more watery and quenches thirst. In hot weather, however, you must closely watch the baby and feed on demand to prevent dehydration and overheating, which is extremely fast for the youngest babies.

How do you dress a baby in hot weather?

In hot weather there is no rule that an infant should have one layer of clothing more than an adult. You can successfully go out with the youngest child in the bodys themselves and only wear a diaper on the beach.

If the toddler lies in a pram and is well protected from the sun, no need to put on a hat. Socks are also not recommended in hot weather.

If the child falls asleep, just cover it with a light flannel diaper or leave uncovered, checking your baby's neck for coolness. At home, we choose cotton bedding for the child, taking care of choosing good materials that are breathable and allow the absorption of sweat.

Bathing and airing

If we don't bathe the baby everyday, take care of daily splashing in hot weather. Not only before bedtime, but also during the day.