Dermedic Hydrain 2

Dermedic Hydrain 2

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Dermedic Laboratory offers a cream with intensive moisturizing effect. The product is distinguished by prolonged action. The cream is recommended for care dry, dehydrated, thin skin, prone to irritation, tense, sensitive, often red and burning. It can be used on the skin, which for various reasons does not tolerate other cosmetics. Suitable for skin with rosacea and juvenile acne.

It can be used when treating rosacea and juvenile acne. The cream with a triple moisturizing effect directly binds and retains water molecules in the deep layers of the skin, protecting the epidermis against excessive water loss. It soothes irritations caused by external factors. Visibly reduces redness and smoothes the skin.


I have no problem with dry skin (combination skin). Despite this, the product is applied to the entire face, it works great. After using it, the skin is pleasantly soft, moisturized and you can easily apply makeup cosmetics. In addition, my problem with dry skin in the nose area ended. The cream has a rather "full-bodied" (thick) consistency. I was afraid it would clog the pores. Fortunately, nothing like that happened.

The cream has a pleasant smell. It is also very efficient, which is why the price over PLN 40 is easier to accept.

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