Sanepid cannot punish for not vaccinating

Sanepid cannot punish for not vaccinating

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The Supreme Administrative Court found that sanepids cannot impose fines on parents for not vaccinating their children. Only the voivode has this option.

Parents who decided not to vaccinate their children often had problems on the part of sanepids throughout Poland. Each time fines from PLN 100 to 1000 were imposed on them. Some parents were even threatened with fines of PLN 10,000.

On August 1, the Supreme Administrative Court ruled that sanitary authorities may not impose fines on parents (for formal reasons). Only a voivode can decide about a fine.

This is another good news for parents who choose not to vaccinate their children. On July 8, the court in Konin approved the appeal of the marriage of Ewelina and Dominik Małyszów (stating that the court could not order vaccinating children).

The decision not to vaccinate children intensified after the decision to withdraw from the market by the Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate two preparations was disclosed: protecting against hepatitis B and the other: tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis. According to STOP NOP estimates, up to 250,000 children could have had the vaccine. However, Bożena Bucholc, head of the NIZP-PZH Sera and Vaccine Research Institute, reassures in an official statement that ill-favored vaccines were not given to children, and the decision to withdraw them was of a preventive nature.