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Hot flashes during pregnancy

Hot flashes during pregnancy

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Hot flashes are usually associated with menopause, to a lesser extent with pregnancy.

Despite this, the feeling of flooding heat and failure afterwards, as a result of the changed hormonal economy, many future mothers (estimated to be about 15%).

Read how to deal with this problem.

Exclude diseases

They may be responsible for hot flushes thyroid problems: Talk to your doctor about this symptom to rule out any medical problems.

Prepare yourself well for your visit. Make a note of the hours at which hot flashes occur. This can help diagnose the problem and determine its causes.

The most common causes

Hot flashes most often they happen in the summer. Specialists point to several reasons for a sudden increase in body temperature: hormonal changes, accelerated metabolism, dilated blood vessels (generating more heat). It is emphasized that the more advanced the pregnancy, the more hot flushes can be a problem.

How to deal with hot flashes in pregnancy?

Try the following ways:

  1. Wear breathable clothing made of good quality materials. Leave any clothes made of synthetic fibers on time after untying.
  2. Dress for the onion.
  3. When it's hot, don't exercise. Wait until the temperature drops to evening or exercise in the morning. Swimming pool exercises will be best.
  4. Do not use herbs on your own. Theoretically, delicate ingredients can distract the endocrine system. If you are pregnant, consult a doctor before you decide on a "grandma's recipe."
  5. Take care of a proper, balanced diet containing fiber, vegetables, fruits and cereals.
  6. Hydrate your body well by drinking at least two liters of fluid a day (whether you provide the right amount of fluid, you will assess, among others, the color of urine: it should be light, the color of straw).
  7. You can use ointments, lotions and cooling sprays that provide relief by bringing momentary refreshment.