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Although the story is about dramatic events, it is saturated with stories balancing on the border of life and death, intertwines fate as if it would be accidental strangers, threads are woven gently and arranged like a weave of delicate fabric.

Izabela Sowa directs her book to a sensitive reader who does not need to be explained much or emphasized certain issues directly. The author believes that the recipient will know. Understand. He will give himself some unspoken sentences. Unfortunately, in my opinion, this is how the story ends in a way that may disappoint. Also for the more attentive reader.

Title asylum is a place of escape, deal with the demons of the past the main heroine of Victoria and the people met in Croatia: Sandra, Jasna and Vinko. It is a joint effort to adapt an animal shelter, which literally lacks everything: food, water, hands to work.

They rule in asylum adverse conditions: paddocks and dog kennels surround old trailers, dirt prevails, heaps of buy pass by at every step, lack of shade, running water, a place to relax in good conditions, not to mention the lack of a good fence. Everything dictated by the lack of funds and the opportunity to take care of pets, whose fate remains indifferent to many.

They go to asylum dogs abandoned by people whose animals got bored. The story is interwoven with stories of tossed pets, including puppies, which are brought to the shelter and then in commercials. Some of them do not experience such a journey ...

The story adds drama to the fact that the asylum story has remained created on the basis of the author's personal experience, who worked in a similar shelter and personally observed the cruel treatment of quadrupeds by people: their abandonment, tying in the woods, without leaving a chance for life.

Victoria goes to asylum, where she works hard, helping the owner of the hostel, without any expectations or reduced fares. She chooses Croatia, where as a little girl she went on vacation with her parents: a place where her very good memories are associated and where she spent carefree time. After many years, she visits them alone, without her husband, betrayed and with a sense of entering the corner of life, after which important decisions need to be made: first of all what to do next. And which gives the opportunity for everything to start to form. Book breathes optimism. Although it tells about unpleasant experiences, it would seem like tragedies, after which you can not be happy, the fate of the characters come full circle, and parts of the puzzle merge into one, allowing you to learn something new and important.

This is the first book by Izabela Sowa that I had the opportunity to read. The author, who has already published several suggestions (including "partition wall", "honeymoon", "intimate parts") has an interesting style, outlines the background of the action, combines threads, weaves memories and dialogues. In this way, he brings to a higher level of initiation and does it in an amazing way. On the other hand, one has to get used to the unusual, characteristic for the author's narrative ... However, I generally recommend it for long summer evenings, which it won't take too much for us, because the book is pulled in and reads very quickly.

Thank you to the Znak Publishing House for providing a copy of the reviewer's book.