3Doodler stylus for drawing in the air

3Doodler stylus for drawing in the air

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It's unbelievable how much this pen can do. If the manufacturer tells the truth, this product is simply irreplaceable in creative fun.

3Doodler is prepared for drawing in any plane, even in the air. Due to the fact that it uses, among others, the technique used in 3D printers, it offers unbelievable possibilities in the hands of even an inexperienced person. When the artist grabs the artist, you can count on real masterpieces. All thanks to plastic (ABS), which during melting and hardening allows you to draw objects of almost any type, and even move them, playing in many ways and endlessly.

The pen can be ordered and purchased via the system: The package will reach almost every point in the world. Thanks to auctions, you can often buy a pen for a few to several dollars, which can be considered a very tempting price.